Does my crush like me back?

So I have had a crush on this guy for a while now, and I have known him since January of this year. And well not too long ago we weren't friends for a while, I called off our friendship because I like liked him & he didn't like me back. And we took a break for about a week or two and I asked if we could be friends again because I stopped liking him. And we became friends again and we have been friends ever since then, but now he is treating me differently then he did the last time we were friends. He stares at me a lot, sometimes I will walk past him in the hallway at school and he will stare at me and when I am walking he will turn around and look back at me while I am going in a different direction. And sometimes he will smile and stare at me. We often walk by each other and just hold eye contact. And we were "talking" at the beginning of the school year and he is treating me like he did then when he liked me. And my friend asked him if we were "talking" and he said yes. And he starts some of our conversations & I start some and sometimes he will walk up to me and talk to me. And one day I was absent at school last week and he asked me where I was and he never did that when he didn't like me, then the next day I showed up and he said "I am glad you showed up" do you think he likes me?

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  • Right now, maybe as just a friend.


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