How to seduce an OLDER woman?

Hi, I asked this older woman on next Wednesday. (we met on9)
She's 29 (1987'), I'm 23 (1992).
How to get her attracted to me


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  • be mysterious if asked question dont reveal too much. ask her questions instead and be smooth.

    • But not reveal too much, the conversation may be bored. Younger guys like me don't have much life experiences *scare to bore her*

    • the key here is confidence If you dont display it then why bother going on date? just be yourself if she likes you she likes you. if she doesn't she can go f*** herself. thats how I see things.

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  • Have Finanical stability - women at that stage of there life are looking to settle down and have a family.

    • But she agreed to on a date with me, i told her on phone that im going to graduate. Make sense?

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