I don't feel like going on a date with this girl I met on Tinder. What to do?

She doesn't really text much and I kind of called her out on it, but she still doesn't really answer my questions and don't really know anything about her, plus it's been like 3 weeks and one whole week she didn't even respond cause she went on vacation or something, not sure what that has to do with not responding. Anyways, she finally agreed to a date, now all I have to do is set it up, but honestly it's been too long and i'm not really interested in putting in the effort. What do I do? Just not text her anymore? That's what all the girls do to me.

I'd rather just start over and find a different girl, all my bells and whistles are going off saying to run away.
Well just to update, we never went out. I've talked to enough girls online to be able to spot the flaky ones. I did my best to try to setup a date, but she wasn't big on answering all of my questions and I was going to ask more than once. Basically we had the date idea and a day set, but not a location. lol Kind of backwards if you ask me. I was trying to get an idea of which part of town she lived in. (it's a big city) but she never told me so it's kind of hard for me to setup a date for us.


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  • Hmm... given your situation, I'd probably just stop texting her. But if she does happen to text you to see what's going on, then be honest and let her know where your head is at.

    You could say something brief like, "Actually, I'm sorry but I don't have much time to date." It's not a big deal; you're not obligated to meet this person.

    • This is the type of girl that cancels 30 minutes before the date, that and also the girls who are super excited about going on a date I've found also cancels 30 minutes to an hour before the date. Ok i'll do that thanks for the advice.

    • Really? That sucks. Canceling plans last minute (without a legitimate excuse) is really rude.

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  • Unfollow her.
    You don't wanna date a person who isn't putting the same efforts as you when it comes to dating.
    It'll save your money too :P
    There are too many people on Tinder to choose from.
    Good luck :)

    • Actually Tinder has gotten bad. There aren't many real girls on it anymore that want to date. It used to be super easy to find one.

    • Bro, you gotta learn the power of "Patience".
      I waited almost 2 years after my first break up to find a decent girl.
      Anyways good luck.
      Stay positive,

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  • Cancel the date. Find another person on Tinder.

    • I haven't setup the date yet, so I guess i'll just not text her anymore.

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  • Next time, get a girl number, and call her to have a 5 - 10 mins conversation on phone. At least you know what she does, how's her personality kinda like from the way she speaks before asking her out

    • I like to stick with texting. Girls never answer their phones these days then they call me back at a bad time when I can't talk and we end up playing phone tag. That's been my experience.

    • just ask her when she's free. if that time you're free too. Great, have convo on phone. In my experience, this is how i invite a girl out. At least a Skype or traditional phone calling.