Unrequited love?

I think that I am in love with one of my guy friends but I think he loves someone else and I don't know what to do about it. After everyone was leaving the crowded gym, the flooded gym with tons of people,.. I was only looking for him. I was looking for him only to find that he was looking for her..
IT hurts that we are still friends and I'm trying to move on while preserving our friendship and he has been noticing my odd behavior lately he asked what's wrong but I say nothing because I think that I'm too late. he's falling in love with someone else and it hurts to see him with her, it hurts to hear him talk about her, it hurts feeling touch her and walk her to her classes, and the worst part about it is that the feelings won't go away I have been trying and make them go away for a year but they won't go away. This is an unrequited love. And I don't know what to do about it.


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  • I completely get where you're coming from. Unrequited love seems to be a big problem for me too.. It's silly but I read this website and its kinda like duhhh and can be challenging bc its kinda brutal to yourself, bv it you're doing yourself no favors by being someone on the sidelines.


    Also one thing not mentioned in the website... Which is especially helpful is taking your crush off if a pedestal. Make a list of things u don't like about them, have your friends help out too if you can't think of anything because I can guarantee you he isn't perfect, and u deserve someone who will return your affections.


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  • You have to stay busy and do fun things for yourself. You can still be friends with him but date other guys and move on. He made his chioce. And you should try to be happy and move on. Don't let this situation set you back.


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