How do I find a new boyfriend in new york?

i was dating one guy who turned out to be a conartist... im disappointed in men. I loved holding hands with him, hugging him, snuggling next to him, the way he smelled, i loved the feeling of being with a man. and now he's gone and i can't trust him ever again. i dont know how to meet new men or find a new relationship now. its hard to meet men in a big city. i never tried tinder or okcupid has anyone had good results with it?


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  • Sadly I left NYC to go to university upstate
    But if that wasn't the case I would gladly show you around NYC and got some hot chocolate or something cute

    It's hard because most guys in NYC have millions of options when it comes to dating/hook ups

    I would try looking for a speed dating event! Do not use tinder in Manhattan lol! Unless you just want to have sex with strange men


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  • Piubelloamante is there, lol



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