(Frustration?) Young girls vs Older women?

For my past experiences, i think it's easier to ask an older woman out as compared to young girls. I'm kinda frustrated when i put my best foot forward, older women seem more appreciate my honesty, straight forwardness of doing things.

Who will you ask out, let's assume you were me, 23 years old

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Most Helpful Guy

  • You're the right age and at least open to dating older women. Get yourself to a cougar bar. You're going to have an amazing time sir! You can quote me on that.

    • Actually I don't go to bar, clubs normally

    • Cougars aren't gonna be in a dance club. Your choice in venue is going to limit your options for partners.

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  • why would i ask an older girl out. used goods.

    • they may be able to hold the conversations, i found most younger girls play mind games

    • women are never equal to men at any age. do they get easier to talk to as you get older yes they do because i see them as a mom not at as sexual being.