RANDOM QUESTION: Why do guys get a girls number?


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  • Because girls don't oftenly get guys' numbers.

    • True. Would you agree, that it's often due to romantic reasons?

    • Maybe. I haven't seen and known her much yet. I ask for her number, faciliate being together just to see how the date goes. Is she fun person to hang out with? Is she able to hold conversations? Is she the person that has common qualities with me.

      Of course it may be in romantic sense, but i seek to find out whom they're.

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  • I have no idea but I get guys numbers because I want to talk to them more main reason for most is because I'm attracted to them

    • So just like everyone else, you'd agree it's for romantic reasons?

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    • Ask you out?, that message doesn't mean you're getting asked out though.

    • I didn't really get your question

      You asked would I still think the guy just wanted to be friends if he asked me out , right? If so no I would not think the guy just wants to be friends if he asked me out

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  • I never ask for a girl's number if I am attracted to her, because if she refuses, I can't pursue her further. Even otherwise, I find it inappropriate to ask girls for their numbers, unless they give them to me themselves.

    • Interesting point of view, why would you find it inappropriate?

    • Because most women get creeped out if a guy asks them for their number, unless the guy has drop-dead good looks (which I don't)! :P

  • So we can keep in contact

    • Most people assume it's for romantic reasons, would you agree?