A guy I met online (not on a dating site) called me his twin and it has been a week and a half since we started talking?

so he called me his twin due to our similarities. But he also messages me a lot and chats a lot with me and he is really caring and sweet.
is there any chance of us?


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  • Yes things are looking good and their is a chance this can turn into something more. I think just as long you both communicate with each other all the time then things should work out. Have you met him in person yet?

    • No not yet :( and there's no chance soon. He lives far away in another state. Though I really want this to work..

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    • He does seem interested in me. Like he is a very busy a studious person. But he takes out time for me. And sometimes he talks about his family too.

    • Thank you for the upvote. I am glad he is interested in you. I am also glad that he makes time to fit you in his busy schedule. And that is cool that he talks about his family to.

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