Would it be a turn off if I told you I had ADHD?

I'm not hyper but I have difficulty focusing and pretty much have every symptom listed for ADHD excluding the hyperactivity. It has affected my life in very negative ways. I barely graduated high school. I went into the Marine Corps and went to bootcamp without medication.. Was fcking terrible. I was singled out every day unti I just up and quit. I tried college and just couldnt do it. I tbhought I was just defective and I was just a shitty lazy person. My relationship with my girlfriend ended and failed because of this. She thought I didn't care because of my inattentiveness. Confidence took a huge toll. I went to a doctor told him I was depressed and desribed everything and he told my I have ADHD. The thing that I didn't understand is that all my IQ test that I've taken in the past I've scored an average 115-120 which is slightly above average. So I excused it off as just being lazy before.

I started taking adderal and my life has dramatically changed.. I'm a 2nd year engineering student and I have accomplished so much financially. I'm doing everything I want to do. The thing is that I'm sort of self conscience about telling a potential future girlfriend this. Not being nice or any of that please give me an honest response. Turn off or is it fine?

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  • It wouldn't be a turn off and I really wouldn't care because I got something like that to and if your potential future girlfriend can't respect you, love you and except you for who you are then I don't think she would be girlfriend material , just my opinion.


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