Who do I Believe?

When me and my partner got together we discussed are numbers and people. He mentioned one girls name in the list. As time went on he told me how his friend tried to set him up with a girl and he wasn't interested and she went crazy. I took his word for it. Year or so into the relationship his friend told me he had lied about another girl and check his facebook for proof. So I did. Except I didn't find messages from the girl his friend said I would, I found messages from the girl he said he never went near. ( this was before we got together the messages)
the messages was stuff like come watch a dvd at mine , can't wait for cuddles , and you've left your chain at mine (all from her) his responses where all very blunt. But the final message of her was basically you've made me feel used you've had sex with me and now ignoring me. I confronted him he denied it all that he never slept with her but easily could of cause she had put it on a plate. But then a few days later I remembered he had said her name in his list of sexual partners (obviously a lot of people have the same name)
she told his mum they had slept together and his mum believes her, but he's swearing blue in the face she's psycho and nothing happened and he only went round because she's buy beer and order a takeaway in.
And when me and him got together she was putting statuses how she knew he was bad news and more fool her.
my question is who do I believe? I can't continue a relationship in which he has lied to my face when asked a straight question, it wouldn't have been a big deal if he has it's the fact he's lied about her!

He brought up the numbers question I have nothing to hide. My point is why lie about it? It wouldn't have bothered me it's the fact if he has , for a long time he's lied to my face and makes me wonder what else could he lie about. Hardly trying to find fault when I have his friend and mum telling me things aswell. Ignorance isn't always bliss!


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  • Three things that should never be brought into a relationship conversation.
    and numbers !

    There is going to be an argument arising from the ashes from each one of these.
    Just take his word that is the most important. it was all before you anyway and in the scheme of things it really isn't changeable.
    if he lied and that is what you are basing staying or trusting then you have deeper issues with yourself more than with him.
    you sure went to a lot of work to find fault.


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  • If the facts are all there I think you need to listen to the facts. I think by the sounds of it though there is nothing to worry about. Why is it a problem exactly?

    • I think you need to draw a line under this. His mother should butt out anyway its none of her business.

      Tell him from now on you will believe what he says but you expect it is the truth. If it isn't you will have problems.

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