Friend-zoned or cautious to move forward?

I met a guy online and for 2 weeks we had great conversation. He seemed very into me and was excited about me, talking about how I am everything he is looking for so we went on a date.

Date was incredible and we had great chemistry. We ended up hooking up that night and we both agreed we felt very comfortable together. The next day, he tells me that I'm an amazing woman but just wants to be friends. Since then, I hear from him almost daily and he drove out to my area 2 weeks later to hang out.

he introduced me to his married friends and it felt like we were on a double date, next day he hangs out with me all afternoon and pays for everything both times. We also hooked up again, both times. He says he really enjoys getting to know me and hanging out but the sex should stop because he doesn't want either of us to get hurt.

I know he's super cautious and has been cheated on a lot in the past. I am going through a drawn out divorce so he tells me I need to date around for a while and that who knows what the future will bring.

I am so confused. Is he being cautious with me? Is he afraid of being a rebound? Or is he really not into me like that? his actions and his words don't match up.


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  • lol he sounds like a guy I dated... he's not called Ian is he? lol

    • No, it's not.

    • Slow and steady is the way to go x

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