Girl I like is starting to go out with my best friend, how do I handle this?

Basically, my best friend of 4-5 years has been having problems with her housemates, so has been spending a lot of time in my house. We live next door so its really easy for her, and I realised that I like her as more than a friend. The next time I saw her after this, when I was actually going to ask her out, I found out that she had agreed to go on a date with my housemate, who is one of my other best friends. I'm not going to describe how I felt when this happened, but it wasn't good, and I have no idea how to handle this going forward. I mean, I just know I'll feel so awkward around them from now on, and my main problem is that if they stay together, she'll be over a lot and I won't be able to get over her like that, but if the date doesn't go well, I still have no idea how to act. Like, is it still acceptable for me to ask her out at that point? Knowing she went on a date with my best friend and housemate? Basically, if anyone can give me some advice on how to handle this, it'd be great.


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  • Oh God. This sounds horrible.. I gotta admit, you've been put in a really awkward and difficult situation. So, your roommate doesn't know you like her, right?
    Well, there's nothing you can do now, now that he already asked her out. And if it doesn't work between them, I suggest you talk to your guy friend and tell him what happened and how you wanted to ask her out first. Tell him if it's gonna bother him, you won't ask her out (cause you're a good friend).
    If they become in a relationship, there's nothing you can do then :/ cause if you act on it or say sth it's gon get super awkward.. so, in order for you three to be "ok", as hard as it sounds, keep your feeling to urself.
    I'm sorry for what happened/might happen... thats a reeeally tough situation tbh..


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  • Unfortunately, your are basically screwed... Even if it does not work out, she will likely feel awkward going out with someone in the same house... and if she accepted a date from him, she likely does not see you as more than a friend to start with...

    sorry mate.

    • Yip, I'm aware of that. Any advice on how to move on from a girl when you'll have to see her every day?

    • Now that is the tough part... either find a new crush, or realize it is not going to happen between you two, and put in some serious time to seeing her just as a friend again. It can happen, I have done it very successfully and I would say it is better int he long run, but harder and longer to accomplish. Where as finding a new crush basically sweeps your feelings under the rug until that passes... but it is over night fast lol

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  • Dude seriously, if you like her tell her how you feel. It doesn't matter if she gets with your friend or not, tell her and she'll either say yes or no. If she says yes then great (your guy friend should understand I mean c'mon he's only been on one date with her that doesn't make anything official). If she says no then you can move on and stop wasting your time on a girl who doesn't feel the same. Sorry if this seems harsh.


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