I met up with an old friends with benefits the other night?

I started seeing this guy last year where we had a one night stand. Ever since, we saw eachother almost every week. It became a FWBs thing and everything was going well for a long time. He was the best friends with benefits I ever had and the first one I actually started to like and had a lot in common with. Then at the beginning of summer I stopped hearing him him, completely.

Last week I heard from him again after not hearing from him all summer (over 4 months). He asked if he could see me again as he really missed me. When we met up he wanted to take me out for a drink, and for a while he wasn't bringing up a serious conversation at all. Afterwards he tried touching me and kissing me. I had missed it so much, but I couldn't help but think about a guy I've been seeing for a couple months that really cares about me (not official yet though).. I interrupted him and told him I can't do this, and that I've been seeing someone pretty seriously for a couple months now. He told me he understood and that he went though a similar thing over the summer with another girl he was seeing, but left her last month because she wasn't the right one. Honestly, I was a little hurt by the fact he liked a girl (and stopped talking to me for her), but he never liked me in "that way". When he left he basically told me I should've told him this beforehand so he wouldn't have commuted all the way here, but that its all cool and if things don't work out to not be afraid to reach out to him. I wanted to see him because I wanted to hear what he had to say, and I thought he really liked me back, too. I feel like I made the right choice, but I like this guy too and wanted him so badly.. I feel really upset. Thoughts?


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