What is her intention? Can I win her if I try hard?

Hello everyone, I've met a girl recently during a board game trainers' course and then we started dating (initiated by me). First few dates went well. Then she has started troubling me. She is ateist, does not like her family, she wants to leave home. I don't have strong connections with my religion as well. It is just a stamp at my id card for me. She says she has exams and needs some 30 days (this exam is a life changing exam for her). She was saying it was not the right time for a relationship for her. I was actually ok with that if she is going to be thinking serious with me. I said this to her. I also supported a decision she has made regarding a job, although I was unhappy.

After one of dates, we decided to not meet too much and I promised to not text her until she texts me. And next day she was the one initiated the chat.
A few days later it was my birthday, and I texted her and no response 3 days. I'm certain she saw my message. I contacted her again and after some chat she texted me saying she does have some feelings toward me nothing more. by the way she sent this message after missing her flight to Ankara. She asks me why it's her. I didn't say much because I was feeling sad and just offered being friends. Two days later, I've texted her and reminded about something regarding her plane ticket. It was related to clock/timezone adjustments due to elections in Turkey. She was coming from a two days training and asked me to go to airport and get her to her home at 2.00 am.

Ok, being the nice guy here I went to airport and drove her to her home. We didn't talk about what she texted earlier and she had compliments about my looks. Previously she said she didn't find me sexually attractive. What is this? Same night she introduced me with her mum at 2.30 am by offering a cup of coffee. I went in there and we had a 30 mins chat at balcony. I've some crazy questions and I don't know what to do. What is her intention? What shall I do?

I'd like to hear some replies from others as well.


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  • She is intending to leave you naked and buried in the desert while she runs off with all your valuables.


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  • What is a board game trainer?

    • It's like chess, Go. Instructor for students who wants to develop skills.

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