Girls, There's this girl I really like and we are both good friends, she recently broke up with her boyfriend, when should I ask her out?

There's this girl who broke up with her boyfriend a month ago. I like her a lot and we are close friends. She thinks I'm really good looking and a great guy. I recently asked her how she felt about me. She told me she doesn't know how she feels about dating her friends because she doesn't want anything bad to happen and lose me as a friend. She also said she isn't over her boyfriend and it's hard for her still. I told her I understand and I'm here for her, but I also told her how I felt towards her. She then responded by saying she doesn't want me to think I'm rejecting her because she isn't she just isn't over her boyfriend. What or when should I do anything? Should I just try to hang out with her as friends first. I will add she is very attractive and a lot of guys are into her so I don't want to wait to long!

Anyone else have advice?


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  • It' great that you're friends and I can tell you really like her. I would definitely giver her a little more time but I wouldn't give up on her! Give her a little space and let her know how she feels.

    • Thank you defiantly not going to give up but will just mind my business for a little

    • that sounds like a good idea!

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