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Okay, me and this girl from work went to an event over the weekend and it went good I thought. She said she had a good time after. We were going to stop for a drink or dinner, but it was too late so she said she would take a rain check and next time we will go somewhere closer and have more time. We had both hinted we had several of the same days off work this week, so I assumed she would want to do something this week. So I texted her asking how her day went, no response. Then if she was alright and she texted back. I then told her to let me know if she wanted to do dinner or something this week let me know. I thought she would, but hasn't yet. I waited awhile and texted her again asking how she was doing and no response even though it shows she's online.

So at this point I'm confused as I'm pretty sure she likes me, but I know she just got out of a relationship. For me its been quite a while and I may be out of practice (and I am somewhat quiet and reserved). Do you think I did anything wrong? Maybe I should have asked her out more direct, but still you would have thought she would have said something to my post. I don't want to seem needy so I don't want to bug her too much but maybe I have already? Any advice?

Well after some conversation, I asked her out and she said yes! Now I'm getting nervous as its been years since I've been out with a lady on a real date (except for that innocent outing a couple weeks ago). I have no idea what to wear and she wants me to pick a place to eat. I know she doesn't really want to go to the big city so not sure if I should try to find a place in her town or near mine? I'm also kind of worrying since we're technically not supposed to have relationships with co-workers.
I think you have the wrong idea. I did back off on the texting and only asked her once (it was kind of an open ended question now that I think about it). I actually asked her in person this time and she didn't hesitate at all when she said yes. We've know each other for months also, but it seems only recently that the flirting and such really intensified.
Well it turned out we never went out on that first real date as something came up with her. Then a little later I found out she got back with her ex. He broke up with her so I don't know why she took him back. Anyway, I think it was a wasted opportunity for me and I keep thinking about her. I texted her a few times and asked about her from one of her friends (yeah I know now a mistake) and she unfriended me on FB. When I saw her she said we are still good, she just got delete happy on FB.
So my question is should I add her back on FB or wait and see if she does? Its been a few days so I don't think she is going to. We are still talking at work, but the flirting has ended obviously. I've been trying to forget her and signed up for some new dating sites, but no luck yet. Seems their just isn't that many women close to where I live that interest me.


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  • I think you need to back off.

    I can tell you from my own experience, when things are that new with a guy, sometimes I will take a long time to text back. Not as a game, but because he just isn't a priority in my life yet. And the guys who have done the double text (like you describe above) are the ones I never see again. The ones who are patient, and receiving when I do have time to reply are the ones that I end up dating.

    If you text her and get no response, leave it alone and don't text again. If you're friends on social media, don't go liking/commenting on all her stuff. If you see something new that she's posted a week or so later, just like it, or if you must comment, don't say anything you wouldn't say to someone who is just a friend. Let her come to you. If she's interested in you, she will. But if you push her to talk to you, you will only push her away.

    Best of luck!


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  • tip: when texting put emojis :D 🍕🍕🍕

    Dont bother her just do somthing to make the time pass. shell text when she has time.


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  • Dont add her on FB. She unfriended u so she should add you back. Keep things strictly as friends. Meet some other people. Dont text her unless she texts u.


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