Why she didn't say anything?

I met this girl because the girlfriend of my best friend had a single friend that was looking for a good guy, who knew how to keep a conversation going, who was kinda funny and generally good looking. The girlfriend of my best frined talked about me and showed pictures. The girl liked it and we arranged a meeting. Things played well, we went to the beach, we dined, we spemt most of the night kissing and she was really into it (no sex, but its ok). I felt we had a lot in common and decided I'd definetively want to see her again.
Next day: my best friend tells me the girl is kinda disapointed because I didn't call her after getting home. Why would I call her any less than a day after? So I thought: "hey, she's really into me". Spent the next days making small talk, keeping it simple and fun. We went for lunch on Friday and it was great. She even said "Im pretty sure my parents will like you", and I was goddamn happy about it. She was definetively girlfriend material, and apparently so was I.
Since she was really bothered I didn't call/text that much I started to cotact her a little more and keep her interested. Things were going well, she always laughts at my jokes. But today we were supposed to meet again. She said she was depending of her cousin to take her (since I dont have my license right now, and apparently neither does she). She told me that at noon. Its 8pm. Nothing. She didn't even bother saying she wouldn't be able to go. I think she blocked me on Whatsapp and didn't send a single message saying we'd talk later or anything. Seriously, WTF?

  • She had other, more interesting things to do
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  • She's going out with another guy
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  • Somehow I turned her off
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  • She was faking her interest on me
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  • Her cousin didn't show up, telephone signal is down where she lives, she also lost internet conexion
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  • She's embarassed (altough I dont know why she'd feel like that)
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  • Cold feet, cold feet, COLD FEET.

    Women do this all the time. They go out with a guy, oblige him, enjoy the attention, but then when they sense it getting serious they get cold feet and run. It's overthinking, a bit of self entitlement, and so on.

    Do not initiate her anymore after this. Let her come to you and explain if she feels inclined.

    • Thanks for the advice. But WOW. Really? Strange, since she was the one looking for a serious relationship headstart, and I wanted her to be my girlfriend. Is it that common to see women scared of a relationship?

    • It isn't that they are scared of the IDEA of a relationship, they are scared the person they are considering getting into a relationship with may not be good for a relationship. So they will sometimes panic and pull back. Either permanently or temporarily.

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