Lost interest in me?

Hey guys :) So, I've met this guy, we hooked up and we had sex last week. Since the day I met him until now, we kept in touch. Normally he would initiate the conversations. Even after being together for one night, he would text me in the morning. Last Saturday we were talking and I sent him a messagem saying that I was going out that night and if he wanted to do something later. He said he couldnt bcs he was going to meet his friends (which is ok if its a lie. im sure he's seeing other girls). Next day, he texted me asking how was my night and where did I go out. He asked if my mother was at my place and that he just had ordered some food. I said i was not alone. We chatted a little more and when i thought the conversation was over I just said "ok, im gonna watch some tv show and sleep. gd night". After that, no signs from him... i didn't text him too. (it's not the first time happening though). The thing is: I don't wanna be in a relationship right now, I just want casual sex. I wanna see him this weekend and tell him that, but im not sure if i should initiate a conversation or not. there's other thing: we have commun friends, but they are more frinds with him than me... so im afraid if i text him, he says something to them like: "oh dont call her out, she texted me bla bla bla" and ruin the friendship. He doesn't seem the type, but we never know. WHat do you think?


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