Girls, why is she hot and cold and sending mixed signals?

This girl is driving me nuts! I live abroad, but we've been dating almost my entire stay (two months). Suddenly, she's cold and tells me that it's a bad idea to keep dating, because when I leave I'll be back in a year (which is true). She says it'll never work out when I live in another country.
However, we agree on taking things slow, when I'm in the country, we can date, when I'm not, we're free. I told her this and she went along. A week later, I texted her if she'd wanna hang out, but she told me 'it was a bad idea, because it always ends romantically.' She then adds that she 'doesn't know what to do and that the situation is fucked up.'

I ignore the message and proceed to live my life for the next couple of weeks. Due to business situations, I extend my stay a couple of weeks. She hears about it from our mutual friend and asks to meet up. We meet up for coffee and she flirts like CRAZY. Never has she acted this interested. Never.

So I ask her out for drinks, but she's cold again and declines my offer, telling me 'I told you I was visiting family this weekend, did you forget? You know how important family is to me.' She seemed pretty irritated.

WTF is wrong with this girl? When we meet, I feel she likes me and we have amazing chemistry, but then when we're away from each other, she acts cold, irritated and mad.

Can any of you girls tell me what's bothering her?


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  • Talk to her in person and you will find out how she feels

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