So is he into me or no?

So I've been talking to this guy for 3 years almost 4 years. He's German, I'm American. I met him through the foreign exchange program when he stayed with a close friend of mine. We've only met in real life twice because money and time keep us apart. We are currently trying to meet up again soon. We talk on the phone or text daily. We send letters, cards, present to eachother for birthdays or holidays.
I use to flirt with him like call him handsome and or nice looking and never got any response so I stopped. A couple months ago when we met for the second time he was a little quieter around me. One night things got a little crazy. I was high and he had a few Jell-O shots. I asked him to kiss me cause I had never kissed anyone before and he was a close guy friend I could ask. He acted completely normal, not freaked out or anything. We kissed and I enjoyed it so much. He didn't act weird about it or anything afterwards.
But anytime I try and jokingly talk about it like "oh that was a crazy night" or anything he always ignores it. He ignores or doesn't talk about anything to do with flirting or romantic things. Is it the German culture? Or does he not like me? He also never talks about dating, girls or sex with me. He has only once mentioned a girl that I didn't know. He asked me if it sounded like this girl liked him and other questions a guy wants to know about girls. I got jealous and said well do you think this guy likes me? (I had no guy). After we both said what we thought about each others potential partners we both acted awkward and upset. So that was the last time we talked about dating.

I want to move on so I could date someone closer to me but something keeps holding me back and telling me this guys the one.


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  • i think he doesn't like you