Girls, do you find male virgins attractive to date (not in terms of looks)?


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  • It depends on why they're virgins. If they're virgins because of religious beliefs and/or waiting for marriage, then I wouldn't date them.

    If they simply haven't had a chance to lose it, are just waiting until they find someone they care enough about or haven't felt like they're ready, then it would be fine.

    • What's wrong with marriage?
      Did you know 50% of people who are actively sexual before the age of 21 will contract some type of STD. 80% of people have sex before the age of 29.

      Do the math of the chances of contracting an std...

    • I don't want to wait until marriage because I want to know whether I'm sexually compatible with my partner before I make that commitment.

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  • Depends on him entirely. And why he's a virgin.

    If he's tried to fuck before and is miserable about still being a virgin that's just unattractive. If its because he didn't want to give his virginity away yet then that's fine so long as it isn't a religious thing.

    • I'm just waiting for my girl. I was waiting for the right girl. I found her but she is long distance... Go figure right?

    • But you found her and that's what matters.

    • Yeah I'm 21 though and she lives in China... So it will be a while...

  • I do because I'm a Virgin myself so I won't be insecure about it