Am I just being paranoid about girlfriend's (male) friend?

Been dating this girl for alittle awhile, and last night we had a heart to heart conversation about moving out, life with our families, and being loyal to eachother. Kind of a weird turn in our conversation, but hey it was nice to hear that she has no intentions of screwing me over. She started crying and said that she is usually the one to get screwed over, and that she has no intentions for her to do that to me and that she does not want me to worry.

So about a week ago she started hanging out with this guy. Who she has told me a couple times about but as far as I know they haven't hung out in awhile. so everytime they do chill she makes sure to tell me about it, she tells me what they are going to do, where they will be and she will even text me while they are hanging out. This question may make me sound insecure which I have to admit I am alitte. (so I dont need that to be pointed out. Thank you very much.) but my question is if your boyfriend or girlfriend was hanging out with a friend but made it a point to tell you every detail about what what they will be doing, when and wher. Would anyone take it as a good sign that they can trust them? Like I feel really comfortable with her, but I don't know I just want to know other peoples take on this because maybe I am being paranoid?


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  • I think I'd be more suspicious if they made it a point to give me every detail of every thing than if they just told me a general idea of what they're doing.

    Like it would seem like they were trying too hard to prove they were being faithful

    • You make a valid point. I didn't think about it that way. Its like I really want to say something bad, but I'm worried it will show her im insecure and that she will do it behind my back. lol great now that's what I'm thinking about.

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  • I don't want to hear every little detail.

    You're just paranoid. Best thing to do is not care, since this isn't even an issue at all

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