Lunch date. How do I communicate that I like this shy guy without being too aggressive?

There's this guy that I really liked last semester who was in my poetry class. We would constantly make intermittent eye contact; he even talked to me from across the room. We'd run into each other at the rec and he seemed to want to talk to me even when I was all sweaty.

I ran into him on campus this semester, first week. Afterwards, I wrote on his Facebook wall and told him it was cool running into him. Then I asked him if he wanted to grab lunch. He said yes and asked me what day works best for me.

So, how do I communicate that I'm interested in him without being too aggressive? We're both shy people, which doesn't help. I would not have asked him myself if I didn't really like him. It was out of the ordinary for me to do this. Also, should I wait for him to get my number? Should I ask for his? I don't want him to feel like he's not the man in the situation. I just want to encourage him as much as possible.


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  • Tell him in an indirect/sarcastic way


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