If he has A LOT of female friends, how do I know he views me more than a friend? Am I just another friend?

I just finished my coffee meet with this guy at my college. He was super friendly and talkative and it lasted 2 hours. However, I have no idea if he views me as a friend or feels something more for me.

He kept saying things like I have this one friend and she... Or my one friend doesn't like it went I drink coffee like this and she... So.. I know he has a lot of female friends... And I have no friends at all here. So one, he probably will think I'm pathetic, and 2 he may just be viewing me as a weird friend who introduced herself to a guy she doesn't know and while she has no friends herself. I know I'm attractive and I've never been friend zoned before, but I honestly feel so inadequate because I can't just go off of brains and beauty... I'm like socially weird.

I was super nervous at first and I really didn't share that much about me like at all.. And he was so talkative. I feel like he thinks I'm boring because I was like brain-farting the whole time. Like he asked me for favorites of things and I couldn't say my favorite movie or song or anything because I just blanked out. He said next time you'll have to show me your music and things because I feel bad because it's been mainly about me.

I don't know... I feel like I muffed up... Did I? What does it seem like?


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  • You're over thinking this. Stop worrying you're making it worse. Most guys don't care if you're popular or not.

  • If he has a bunch of female friends and you want to stand out then ask him out. Fortune favors the bold and all that.


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