Am I a bad guy? My first girlfriend has been ignoring me for months, now I've been hooking up with another girl, is this okay?

I dated a girl for a few weeks, kisses and hugs, we were close it seemed, then 2 months she couldnt take it mentally so cut me off, ignoring me for months, to anxious and feeling guilty to talk to me again, hasn't said anything, nor replied to my texts. Now I've been hooking up with a close friend the last few days, sure I have feelings for the last girl, but I have feelings for this one too. Is this bad of me? Should I not do it? any advice? :)


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  • Nah, you are already broken up. No point in dwelling about it.

    • makes sense, but she never said anything, like we spent the weekend together as a extended sorta date, after a month of dating, then since that weekend literally hasn't said or texted anything? at all... but yeah your right :)

    • I believe it is already over. She just avoided mentioning it to you.

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  • She isn't your girlfriend anymore, bro. Duh. It was a break up.

    Talk to the new girl.