What did it mean when I locked eyes with this guy?

The other day I was out shopping at my local supermarket and I know that this guy from my school works there still, I remember him even though we graduated about 6 years ago and I've seen him a couple of times.
Even when we were in college I always thought he was kinda cute even though I didn't ever talk to him really.
This day when I went to the supermarket he was there again and from a distance we made eye contact and he held it for a little while which was good... my heart was racing and I knew it was him.
Then later on the shop was almost closing and all of a sudden I see him walking around and it sorta saw me out of the corner of his eye and I think he deliberately walked down the other side of the aisle I was in to get a trolley, looked at me and smiled, then I smiled back haha.
What did this mean? If I see him again should I say something?


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  • just say 'we went to school together didn't we?' and see what he says... this is good because then he will think it took you ages to remember...

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