I'm really bad at picking up girls/spitting game, etc. Help?

I've never had a girlfriend due to my middle/high school awkwardness/unattractiveness. Therefore, I never had my first kiss.

This is still a problem for me (18 & in college now), though my face is a lot more 'handsome' my skinny body still needs work, and my body is slow with this type of stuff. Regardless of that I have absolutely no confidence when it comes to women, it seems like whatever effort I put in just never works. I must have the worst luck out of the 6 million men on this planet when it comes to women. I'm really shy when it comes to asking a girl out, it's actually gotten to the point where I decide not to ask her out right after I decide to do so. I think that's why Im not good with picking up women. I just don't know what to say and I don't want to risk blowing my chances. It's really upsetting knowing that this may be the reason I stay lonely for the rest of my life. I don't handle rejection well. I always walk away feeling as if something is wrong with me and that's why she said no.


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  • women tend to love when a guy is confident. took me a while but eventually i started taking risks and talking to girls. Luckily i haven't been turned down (YET) but it seems the only thing keeping you is the possibility of rejection.
    take the leap! Become more interactive, get comfortable and things should smoothen out from there. When the time comes to ask a girl out, Just do it. If you get rejected, At least you tried but if you don't, You'll never know what her answer will be. Good Luck lol ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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  • Girls have this exact same problem. Don't get too nervous. Just think about this. Girls are just as nervous as you getting talked to by a boy. Also being put in a situation where they don't know what's gonna happen makes them nervous as well.

    She's just as nervous as you so don't sweat it.

    As for the body build. That's usually not important.

    • To add on a bit. Most girls think it's cute when a guy gets nervous talking to them. Is a nice form of flattery

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