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I was at a party yesterday and when I was dancing and having great time with my best friend and her boyfriend, my bestfriend told me that a guy is looking at me all the time. Honestly, I didn't even noticed it before she told me.. So, then he came really close to me and we touched accidentally a few times, we kept looking at each other and in a few minutes he stood behind me. We started dancing together (a little grinding too) and then we kissed. We held hands, and he put it on my hips and we were dancing for another 15 minutes and were also making out in between. I also felt his private parts, but am not sure if he was grtting hard or not. So when one song ended he told me he has to go out to smoke a cigarette, and told me to wait him at the dance floor. He even kissed me before he went out. After like 2 minutes my friend and her boyfriend came and we had to go home. So I didn't have any other options I had to go. And now I feel so bad about it, I reslly liked him and now it probably seems to him like I have rejected him... Or maybe he rejected me when he went out to have a cigarette with his male friend? Please tell me what does that mean? Do you think he liked me? And what should I do? Thank you for your answers :)


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  • You didn't get his number or anything so I'd let it go. If you see him in the future it can be serendipity but seriously what are the chances? He could've just been in town for the night.

    Plus he *smokes*. Ewwww.


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  • I saw you say you're friends on Facebook. Send him a simple little "thanks for the dance ;)" message. Not too pushy or overwhelming, yet gets the point across you weren't blowing him off. Also may start a conversation.

    • Ok, what if i follow him on instagram first and then send him a message :)

    • I would start the conversation first. Because what if you find out you don't have chemistry?

  • Try and track him down. You can always apologize and say you had to go...

    • We are friends on facebook haha, I didn't even know that before :) but I don't know, maybe he wanted to reject me when he went out for a cigarette, and I don't want to look pushy

    • so say 'sorry you had to go while he was outside' he will wonder whaaaaat? she rejected me? if anything it will peak his interests...