Guys, what distinguishes you from liking a girl more than a female friend? What makes you Friendzone some but want to be something more with another?

Yeah just wondering what makes guys like some girls more than a friend versus not... Like I'm talking to this guy right now, we're in college, and I know he has a handful of female friends (he has mentioned them here and there) yet I am totally crushing on him and I have no idea how he feels about me. And it's too early for me to come out about it and ask him. I'm attractive and not annoying so I'm hoping that helps... But i dunno.



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  • there's a special connection that you only get with some girls, which can develop into greater feelings for that girl. Of course being physical attractive helps hugely.

    • So if I'm really attractive I have it in the bag?

    • Not necessarily. If you are attractive but you can't have a conversation with him or you have very different personalities then he might not want to develop the relationship.

      Being attractive helps as if there are two girls that he likes equally he'll choose the more attractive one.

  • How attractive she is.

    • So if I'm beautiful then I have it in the bag?

    • Beautiful = potential girlfriend
      Then personality decides. If people have great personalities I'll just make them friends if I'm not attracted to them.