Date experts, please help, what went wrong?

Went on a great date, talked for 5 hours, went home. He text me that night & all week.
He arranged a second date, he surprised me with flowers. I told him I was greatful and nobody had done that for me before.

We played bowling and pool.
I really sucked, he was great at it. At the end, he said he'd like to see me again and that I am easy to talk to, gorgeous and make him laugh. I complimented him also and said I'd like to see him again too.

We both went home and haven't heard from him at all for a week. What happened? He used to text me every single day. I was attracted to him and am honestly bummed :\

Thanks for your opinion. I would understand him if he would have seem uninterested when we said bye but he was a good liar, complimented me, asked when I was free next etc!


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  • he lose interested !


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  • I don't think anything went wrong but seriously have you tried texting him first? If you waited for him to text first you have to think maybe he is waiting for you to text first? You could show some effort to text first because maybe he is waiting to see if you are willing to text first because it shows you're interested.. Some guys actually do this and I've done it before to see if they genuinely want to talk to me.

    • Thanks, I did after 2 days but no reply, guess he just wasn't that into me!

  • holy hell some girls are crazy. "Must never initiate a conversation no matter what!"

    Who knows what happened, maybe he was talking to another girl at the same time that actually showed active interest in him

    • I did text him after day 2 but no reply, I think you are right, he probably is talking to other people.

    • Well sounds like he lost interest. Again Maybe it was something you did, or maybe it had nothing to do with you at all. Still it's pretty crummy for him to just ignore your text, hate it when girl's do that too

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