Does this guy like me? or am I reading too much into it?

a guy added me on facebook and we started talking... we would talk all night at times, the texting would go on for hours other times... he is a very shy guy who never had a girlfriend... also he is very shy to ask people out. he asked me about my relationship status twice... he asked me what i would do if someone said he liked me? what if i would get someone new? he teases me all the time and often tell me in a joke that he could ask me out... he would ask me if he can ask me something? and later say-leave it... he also said that he wants to say things but cannot as he is too scared. he sent me songs like JUST THE WAY YOU ARE and said "for u"... he was coming to my city in a few days so he asked me to spare a day and reminded me of it everyday/... does he like me? or am i reading too much into it?


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  • Yeah it sure sounds like he likes you... lol

  • I would say he is interested.


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