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So there's this girl I've liked for the longest time that I work with at a grocery store, she's 18 and I'm 20. I've liked her since December 2014 but she used to have a boyfriend. We would text and always laugh and we really got to know each other very well. Well anyway her boyfriend and her broke up back in late June almost July, so me not thinking and being an idiot, went up to her at work while she was cashiering went up to and I told her I really liked her and I asked her out on a date, and this was like just a few days after she broke up. She turned bright red and said "we'll see." She texted me later on and said she appreciated my courage and that I'm such a sweet guy but that it's just too soon. So a few days later I saw her at work and I kept trying to talk to her and I could tell then that she felt awkward, I get home and she blocked me on Snapchat. So basically she gave me the silent treatment for a while. So I gave her a ton of space and didn't talk to her for almost 2 months. Then in late September we started talking again and now we text and things are sort of getting back to normal. She also goes to the same community college as me, and I saw her for the first time at school about a week ago and she looked so happy to see me and I walked her to class, so she's on the soccer team and I today I texted her how her game went (I heard they won) so on IMessage I saw that she read it and started typing but then no response hours later, so a little later on me had the fire alarms go off and I texted her that fire drill scared the crap out of me lol and again no response. Do you think she's mad at me? I might just be overreacting cause of what happened before but what do you think?


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  • i think you are coming on a little strong


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