How is it possible to feel like you are in love with someone who is completely wrong for you?

How can two people who are just completely different from one another feel intensely attracted to one another? We don't seem to want the same things long term, he is 5 years younger than me, and the whole thing just seems wrong.

I am a very different person from him. I am quiet and introverted and he is loud and extraverted. I would never think in my wildest dreams that I would ever be attracted to such a guy

I just don't understand how we can feel this way when everyhting is going against us

Any thoughts or advice on the situation? Shall i try my best to forget him and stop seeing him? I am trying to do that, but somehow he turns up and then we just can't control outselves, although I try to but he doesn't let me :(

I feel very upset by the whole situation. I hope your advice may help me



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  • Lust + alcohol = babies made from couples that shouldn't be together. They've been keeping the human race going for many generations.


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  • Opposites attract. U don't have to b the same for things to work. Two very different people in one relationship can b a really good thing...
    Don't think about it too much. If u love each other then just enjoy that, don't let things make u unhappy...


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  • It quite possible. I was in deep love with someone who was soo wrong and i think i was in love with someone bc I wanted to be in loved! I wanted the idea of love not the actually person. So, when reality hit me in the face it hit me so hard. I couldn't get back up and I still have huge emotional scars!

  • First, how long have you been dating? Or are you guys just "hanging out"?

    • I'm not sure what we are but i met him 5 months ago, and it took a while till he convinced me to meet him to go out, and right from the start there seems to have been physical attraction between us. I just feel very comfortable with him physically, and I never do usually. But i hadn't liked someone in ages and hadn't even kissed a guy in 6 years. I decided i just wanted to wait for marriage for everything instead of wasting my emotions and energy on someone who plays game or something not satisfying
      The problem is that i really like him, but i can't go against my beliefs and have sex before marriage. He suggested for us to be in a relationship, but even then i feel like it wouldn't go anywhere anyway because i think he just likes for the moment, but my beliefs come in the way of how i feel. But we are also so different/ He's not religious at all. And sometimes i feel like maybe he just wants to have sex with me and then he'll leave. Can't ever know guys

    • I think you need to look past what's already there, the physical part of it, an look at it as a whole. Imagine your life with him. Can you see yourself with him long term? You are already seeing differences between the two of you, but ask yourself, are they deal breakers, or are they something you are willing to accept? He's not the only man on the planet. You don't need to settle if your gut feels there's something there that isn't right for you.

    • That's true. You're right he's not the only man on the planet. But for some reason, right now i can't imagine liking anyone else. I think if i knew for a fact that he was genuine. I would be willing to overlook everything, but maybe my problem is more than i don't know if he is genuine and i don't know how i can know for a fact :(