Girls, Girls 18-mid 20's, if a young guy is completely shaved bald is that as much a turn off as a guy who is overweight to you?

I'm 20 and I shave my head from a condition, I'm psle and slender but surprisingly it works well on me given my face etc. So while I was self conscious when I first shaved I grew used to it and don't mind much as long as I could still get an attractive looking girl, but recently a friend considered baldness to be as big an issue as a guy being overweight by a decent amount which baffled me, I get hair is probably the preference but figured it wouldn't be a dealbreaker or turn off if the guy doesn't look bad with it. So girls please be honest I fully admit looks matter fully to me, yes personality is needed but physicality is just as much, I'm honest with you now be honest with me, is a guy having no hair at 20 really as bad as a guy being fat in terms of physical attractiveness? Brutal honesty people

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  • No baldness (shaved) is not as bad as a guy being heavyset
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  • They are equally unattractive to me
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  • To me having no hair is more a turnoff than a person being fat
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Wow gorls and you say guys care about every little hair being perfect, I figured at least since I stay slender I'd be fine but I still have high standards either way, I can understand not being attraxted to fat people as Id never date one either-shows lazyness etc ;(apologies to those with conditions still couldn't date fat) just surprised something as little as hair gets in the way
Well, girls can't really blame guys for fat shaming with the hate baldibg seems to get, and no treadmill fixes this
This still disgusts me a shaved head is considered as bad as a gut even though it in no way reflects ones health or physicality
I really don't get why hair is so valued enough that a guy is considered as unattractive solely for not having it


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  • Baldness is a bit of a turnoff, but not necessarily a dealbreaker. Bald and fat is pushing it.

    • Can a guy still be physically attractive with no hair to you?

    • Yes. It's just a minor negative point, as long as he's fine in other areas then I don't care.

    • I figured it wasn't a preference I get that but I was just surprised to hear it a dealbreaker to some

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  • I hate to say this but having no hair is a big turn off and I kind of like guys who are a little husky.

    • Why does hair matter so much? I don't understand what the deal is, and I could honestly date a girl who had no hair if she was slender and had a pretty face, I'd never date a girl who even was slightly pudgy however that's dealbreaker for me

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    • Difference is a girl can lose weight, despite what our 'fat embracing' society says its a turn off to many guys. However the condition that lost hair? I can't do shit about that.

    • True but a woman should only feel the need to lose weight if she's unhappy with herself not to please a guy. Anyway I'm sure there are plenty of girls who will still find you attractive even if you don't have hair.

  • Equal for me, I like men with hair.

    • So you couldn't date a bald guy? Even though he has no control over it? I cannot believe that bald is considered as bad as fat despite being in shape, and girls think guys are shallow for fat shaming haha

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    • I'm done talking to you because you're focusing on things and making them negative while ignoring that i keep telling you there are women who would date bald guys.

      I'm not gonna feel bad for having a preference so you're wasting your time.

    • I'm I gave you food for thought? Apparently trying to show you another side is negative, despite indications it's viewed as worse than fat which is a turn off to basically everyone I know, apparently I can't try to show you what something feels like without offending you. Typical for this age make or female

  • Haven't you asked this question before?

  • Depends on the girl. For me it's a deal breaker, for some girls it wouldn't matter.

    • Why does hair matter so much to you?

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    • I don't see how I bashed you for bringing up valid points, although I will say good luck finding a guy who doesn't lose hair 2/3 of all males beging the normal baldibg process by 25 and that's not an exaggeration. Either way even If I can't respect yoy for the values you or others place on hair o appreciate you responding and keeping it relatively civil. And don't worry I'll still hold my standards high, a few options on the Internet won't change my view on that haha

    • And I've heard plenty of good comments in person, to be honest this site is the first I've heard bad about bald haha so I don't think it's as bad as your clique suggests, either way I jump out of planes for fun so doing impossible is my thing anyway.