Dude invited my girlfriend to his birthday party and didn't invite me what should I do?

Its not as simple as it sounds, this guy and my girl used to date a few months ago but it "didn't work out" so they stayed as "friends" now this guy knows she is my girl and still invites her while leaving me out.
Now my girlfriend wants to go cuz they are "Friends" and she can't just not go. I will let her go since I made it clear that i hate overprotective releationships and now i am paying the price.

this bothers me so much any advice?

(he is still single.)


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  • red flag!!!
    she should want to bring you with her, for one.
    secondly, she shouldn't want to go hang out with her ex.
    thirdly, HE obviously has no respect for ur relationship or he woulda invited you. so who knows what shady stuff he'll pull when ur not around.
    let her know how you feel. if she still goes then you should probably reevaluate ur relationship with her. that is just shady.

    • There is no inherent reason why she wouldn't want to hang out with an ex. Not all relationships end badly. Though he does probably want her back.

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    • I do realise he has 0 respect for me infact if i were to ask him if i could come he would find some bullcrap reason to say no sry. On the other hand i can't tell my girl not to go especially when her girlfriends are going as well

    • maybe you can't tell her to not go, but you can tell her how you feel about her going and let her now that is just doesn't sit right with you. i would respect that for my man.

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  • Oh hell no, the fact that she is trying to go even though you are not invited is a huge red flag. Imagine if your female friend invited you to a party but said that your girlfriend couldnt come youd probably laugh at her face, or say that if your girlfriend can't come then you're not coming either. This has nothing to do with being overprotective, this has to do with the type of relationship you have. I would honestly ask her what the fuck is she thinking, the whole thing is absolutely ridiculous and she should have refused immediately when she heard that you couldnt come there.


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  • This would make anyone feel uncomfortable. Your feelings are understandable. However , if you trust that your girlfriend is faithful and will do that right thing that should ease your mind.
    Realistically , in every relationship there are situations that makes one partner uncomfortable.
    If you believe that your girl is strictly there to enjoy the party and nothing else , don't stress over it.

  • He's trying to get your girlfriend back


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  • Let her go. It's really pretty simple. If she is gonna cheat she's gonna do it some time, if not today next week. You can't very well put her on a chain and lock her up.

    That being said, I'd tell her beforehand she is being naive and to be cautious, that way if the dude breaks the boundaries you have good reason to step in and clean up the mess and tell her it's your business now.

  • Ask her not to go, because you don't like it, and you can't help being jealous, or else take you with her.

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