Does reality dating shows reflect real behavior of guys and girls?

I live in the US and I've seen tons of reality dating shows.

Guys go up to girls start touching them and always know what to say and do, and grinding and playfully pick the girls up or just randomly start dancing or just start making out or having sex even if roommates are around. This applies for clubs too.

The girls only find fault if they aren't getting laid or being kissed otherwise they seem to care less about what the guy does just as long as it's for her and he smiles while doing it.

I've never dated or gone out with anyone, to me this seems like it's not reality, like it goes too well for the guys and men aren't always just making out or having sex they actually need to make a connection first besides just smiling and flexing their muscles.

What I want to know is what's real and what's fake. By the way the show im
comparing is "are you the one" on MTV, I wish I could be like those guys they get all the girls.



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  • I have news for you: just like Wrestling, all Reality shows are staged. I can't believe people actually think that any of it is real, especially the various Big Brothers in various countries, where people kind of have sex in this infra-red or night photography thing, or have orgies in a pool. No real people that have any kind of profile/presence on Social Media would be caught dead doing that (especially women). Also their looks are usually top-end, nobody is a 3 or 4, which doesn't even reflect reality. Most of the men are way above average height (which also doesn't reflect reality). Gullible or stupid (or knowing it's phony and laughing at it) comprises the totality of the different components of the viewing audience.

    • So how do you make a move on a woman? If this is fake and your average, what have you done to get some action?

    • Nothing like non-sequiturs! I take risks and cold hit, has worked for me. I don't 'target' club-goers or average people, though, they usually wind up being very intelligent and different (like art or music). My way is my way, not necessarily gonna work for you. Being real and being yourself helps, but you have to have positive energy, good hygiene, etc.

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