Girls are ghosting, I have plenty of beautiful friends what am I doing wrong?

For the past few months I've been going out and meeting MANY people, anywhere and everywhere I can. I met 3 beautiful friends that all have somewhat shown interest but then something goes wrong and it's ruined. An example, my friend Hanna had met me and we hung out at a bar in passing many times. We finally exchanged numbers and went to go get ice cream.

At the time I wasn't totally sure if that was a date or she was just being friendly. She came over a few days late to my house to watch movies and we made out. We discussed it and agreed the ice cream thing was a date. She told me I was cute and she seemed to have a great time. I tried planning other things to do the following week like a movie night again but she turned out to be busy and canceled.

Kind of similar stories with the other two girls I went out with they have fun and then ghost on me.

Any ideas for this behaviour or is it the norm in the dating scene these days?


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  • Girls are a little flaky in their 20s I noticed back then when I was trying to date back then, you have to be a really interesting guy to keep them interested since they are very picky in that age group

    • you they are like spoilt brats

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    • They mature by then as they realise they are not in demand as you used to be

    • Exactly and they also know what they want by then

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