Girls, would you be okay with one of your friends dating your brother?

If you knew one of your friends had a crush on your brother, and there was a chance he liked her back, would you approve of their relationship, or would it just be too weird and you'd rather they not?

  • Sure, if they like each other, why shouldn't they be together?
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  • Only if it was a friend I was really close to and trusted.
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  • I wouldn't like it, but if they really had feelings for each other, I wouldn't try to stop them, either.
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  • I wouldn't like it under any circumstances.
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  • I wouldn't like any of my friends dating my brother. But, at the same time it's his life and her's as well and I cannot control who you like and want to be with. If she's a bitch and treats my brother like shit... THEN! I'd intervene and tell her she's fired! If she simply doesn't get the picture then I'd have to help her draw it.


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What Girls Said 3

  • My brother has had a long history of fooling around with and dating my friends.

  • As long as she's a nice girl and is treating my brother right, she's cool with me

  • My friends are amazing and I would be more than happy to have them as sister in laws.

    But sadly won't happen.