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Hi I am a sophomore and this girl is a freshman. We have been friends for a long time and I have gone now to two of her cross country meets which were hard to make, she is very fast. I asked her out after going to the second one after she broke the freshman school record she texted back after and I quote "I would honestly love to go out and hang out with you cuz your super sqeet and I am thankful to have you has a friend, it is just I am not looking for a relationship right now and i wouldn't want to mess up what we have now" after I said alright and said tell me if your looking for a relationship down the road and she said "ok 'blush face'". She had a breakup a few months ago and she is very busy with cross country practice and then swim practice after every day (I swim too I see her there every day) what should I do? do I chase her around, keep trying, or back off completely because I will stay friends with her if so but i can't keep goign to meets for 3 hours to watch her run and such if it isn't a relationship. tell me what to do please im confused


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  • You will do fine

    • wtf do I do I texted her saying really good job today and she said glad I had you there for me

    • Yeah. If you want

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