Planning to tell him but want some tips still, help?

Met a guy, had 2 dates so far in which both GREAT, still haven’t kissed however but chat online every day.

I’m planning on telling him that I REALLY like him a lot. He noticed my status on face book that said that I had a lot on my mind and I told him that I want to tell him something but I want to tell him in person. He asked if I was sure to wait till next weekend, he works Monday to Friday so it’s hard for him and he lives 20 min away and I don’t have a license. So he seemed curious but didn’t want to I guess force it out of me. I want to take him to a park; however its winter so the weather may not be good but the past few days have been warmer but won’t see him till the weekend.

He does show interest in me. Holds doors for me when he can since he walks slowly at times. Looks into my eyes when I talk or he talks. Started teasing me and I started to also. We laugh a lot, have a lot in common. He didn’t move away when I sat closer to him at the movies so our arms touched and I poked him and he poked back and laughed. After 2nd date he asked if I wanted to hang out more, warned him that my dad was still up but he still came in. Noticed him checking me out but was when I had a hoody on so that was a little weird but still was nice. Just online he acts different at times which confuses me.

So I’m not sure where else other then the park that I would bring up me liking him a lot and possibly get a kiss, so any ideas? And note that I’ve only been with one guy for 5 years so this is all new to me still.

Note: I’m 23 and he’s 25.


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  • well I'm sure you can't really tell his feelings from online. its kind of hard but it is winter so you can meet up at starbucks or borders or something. you can make it a date and go to a casual place to jsut hang out. I prefer a nice pool hall with a small bar. but it seems like there is a lot of flirting goign on so you should def tell him how you feel exactly. you won't know if he likes you back if you don't ask or find out.


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  • You should not be telling him you like him after two dates. You haven't even kissed yet or had any intimate contact like hand holding etc. You need to wait a little longer before jumping in telling him your feelings. I know you do like him but trust me its not good to lay it out to a guy after two dates. You have to let these thing flow, you should not feel obligated to tell him how you feel. Enjoy your time together, warm up to each other, and get to know each other better, and after than you can decide if you like him as much as you think you do to tell him. Try holding his hand next time as a way to show your interest. Subtle signs like those will get him to open up more if he is interested.

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