How should girls follow up after a date?

So I had coffee with this guy this morning after We messaged on Facebook for about 3 hours non stop last night. I had a really go nice time with him, he's a real sweet heart. There wasn't crazy sexual tension or anything, but I really enjoyed his company and we joke about a lot of stuff together. When he dropped me home, I told him I had a great time and I'd love to do it again, we hugged.

So, should I follow up now with a message or something or just leave it in his court? He seems like the kind of guy that's cool to take it slow, he's a little religious too, if that helps in known his character.

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  • Depends on who asked who out first. If he asked you out, then you message him. If you asked him out, let him message you.

    None of you want to be doing all the work.


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  • its up to him..


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  • Just message him when you feel you liked to. Don't be thinking it's desperado to do it. Anyone likes it when they show sign of romantic interest. Personally, I hate dating girls who have set of ''rules'' and structured person.

  • Well ain't that a surprise. The guy suggest actually doing something to show interest while the girls suggest doing nothing


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