Culture shock and no initiated contact. Any hope?

So I met this girl on Tinder and we have been dating now for two weeks. She is from Venezuela and is relatively new to the States but fluent in English and very well educated. She works long hours during the day as a nanny taking care of two children. Having never dated a Latin woman before, I anticipated that there might be a learning curve. Anyways, on our dates she is very talkative and flirty, often laughing and smiling and by all outward appearances we both have a great time. Each date has closed with a hug and a kiss on the cheek -- but no I have yet to force an attempted kiss on her because I'm having a hard time reading her. She initially spoke often over the phone via text, but it seems to be slowing down between dates unless I initiate the conversation. She has only texted me one time after the first date during the day, every other time I will either wait a day and not hear from her and give in and send a message. I've heard that part of Venezuelan culture is that they expect the guy to make every move, so I'm not sure how true this is or if her interest is possibly subsiding. I also know she works long hours, but even then, when I like someone they are at the front of my mind and I will certainly make attempts to chat with them. We were supposed to go to a movie during the week but she apparently had to attend a final soccer game for her nephew and we bumped the date to possibly Friday and now we settled on Sunday. So I'm wondering if that in and of itself represents hope or is she just stringing me along? Why would she agree to a third date if there were no romantic interest at all? I know she has a compassionate heart, but I can't bring myself to confront her just yet and show her I am not as confident I would like her to believe. Any passive way to reveal the truth without having to ask?


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  • Latin women are very "open" with their sexuality, and yes they do expect you to make the moves most of the times, and if you happen to be white then that's a bonus.

    • Thanks for the input. I am white... I think after this third date its time to 'nut up or shut up' and make a move or two. Seems to be the only way I can know for sure at this point.