Guy I'm seeing is usually very quick to text He just took 6 hours to respond with no explanation. How should I react?

We've been seeing eachother for almost a year. He's big on texting and replies within 10-30 minutes. Even when very busy, he'll send a quick reply during breaks. We initiate about 50/50 so I'm def not clingy. This is about a sudden change in behavior. Even the past week if we were in the middle of talking, he'll say, "I have to get back to___." Or at least explain later what happened. I knew he was volunteering till 8 today but he was still initiating texts and he normally tells me if he'll be away. He did the same volunteering yesterday and was writing to me a lot. I told him about a bar we could go to that has our favorite drink. He said "Yum!" I sent him the link and made a comment that warranted a response. He could have at least wrote "Have to get back to..". Or "hearted" my message which tells me the same thing. There's no way he didn't take a single break for 6 hours unless they were working him like a slave. He's glued to his phone even I'm the bathroom. He finally responded "Oooh sounds nice." six hours later. An hour after his shift ended. He also didn't start talking about his day like he normally does. It seems weird of him and it makes me worried because he has shown other signs of disinterest like dropping down to weekends only ("Hectic work weeks"). But has been otherwise attentive via text and on weekends. I'm going to wait for him to initiate the next text. I'll also take a bit longer than usual to respond. is this the best way to approach it?


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  • The most logical thing to do would be to ask him about it.
    Don't make up storeys of what might have happened in your head, just see what he says about it. Tell him it wasn't like him and your curious. Asking can't hurt really.

    Though I really hate to say this, while reading I was thinking "cheater!" but I do not know the guy so I don't want to point fingers. It could have been something small like he ran out of battery and he couldn't respond and he forgot to apologise because he had other things on his mind.
    Another reason could be because he is drifting apart from you. Maybe he has met someone else that excites him, or maybe he is a little bored. Next time you see him, plan a surprise! A spontaneous sexy one. Just Google ideas and come up with something he may like and even if he isn't drifting apart from you, it will be a fun bonding experience.

    Good luck and try not to dwell on the worst possibility, you could be looking into it too much x


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  • You sound like a 14 year old.

    Pick up the dmn phone and call.

  • Just wait a couple days and see if it was a one time thing. Maybe he thought he didn't need to explain his lack of texting


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