Were your first kisses like they are in the movies?

Were they romantic with perfect timing? Tell me your story--why or why not.

(Not just first kisses of your life, but all of your first kisses with every new partner)

  • Yes, they were perfect, dream-like, just like in the movies
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  • No, they were horrible/awkward/strange
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  • Some yes, some no - please explain
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well... My very first kiss was like getting raped... So... Not very good.

    It was one of my brother's friends... I found out he liked me afterwards.

    Anyway. My brother and his friend who were about 4-6 years older than me was begging me to play a game with them.. I really didn't wanted to so I kept saying: "No..."

    He got really upset, and pushed me against the wall while saying: "If you don't join our game, I'm going to kiss you."

    I thought he was joking so I tried to get away while saying: "I really don't want to... Why don't you just play with my brother? Is he really that boring?"

    After I said that, he tackled me so I fell down on the ground with him on top. He was holding my arms, so I couldn't move them, and then said again: "If you say 'no' one more time, I'm really doing to kiss you!"

    I got so annoyed and screamed: "I'M NOT PLAYING THAT GAME WITH YOU!"

    And after that, he kissed me. Very dominant.

    I got so angry, because I'm wasn't even in love with him...

    He told me afterwards that he loved me...

    For some guys this may have been "very romantic" - but it was just irritating. Really. .___.

    Worst first kiss ever!


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  • lol, DEFINITELY NOT AS GOOD AS THE MOVIES! lol. I really didn't find them enjoyable at first, because I had no idea what to do with my tongue. lol... One unsaid rule I knew though, was to keep your eyes closed while you are kissing the other person, but too bad my partner didn't do so! lol

  • we were laying on a blanket in my backyard cuddling under the stars. It was late. When he was leaving I walked with him to his car. he was leaning on his car as we talked and when he said goodbye he pulled me close and gave me a simple but wonderful kiss. It was perfect except for one thing...his sis was in the car... lol. But I'm good friends with her and I know she was prob looking the other way so it didn't really matter lol.

  • My first kiss what the most awkward thing ever, he had really dry lips, caught me off guard, shoved his tongue in my mouth, way too much. Horrible kiss. Then the one with my now husband was pretty good, but a little forward also, kinda like when he had me in his room alone he started kissing me and wanted to go further. Good kiss but a little awkward.

  • My first kiss with my ex boyfriend of three years was absolutely perfect. We were at the reservoir in our hometown. We were down by the shoreline and he was acting like he was going to push me in. Then he all of a sudden pulled me in and kissed me at sunset. It was incredible

  • Dance Floor Makeout..sometimes really good, sometimes awkward lol..


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