How can I get a good man?

I have low self confidence. People around me tell me I am attractive and am put together, but I never can seem to find a good guy. I don't want the proverbial bad boy and I am not looking for a man who is a 10 in terms of looks, but a legitmately nice guy. Most guys who do approach me in person are jerks.

I tried internet dating and was seeing a much older man who I thought liked me and we dated for 3 months but he just didn't really seem to want to put in the effort for a true relationship. I kept telling him how i felt and he said that he couldnt make me happy. I am just wondering if I am doomed to being single. I would love to have a fulfilling relationship, but the guy hit on me or either jerks or not my type. What must I do?


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  • Well, where do you go to hang out? That may be why, I find it a little difficult to believe that every single guy who hits on you is a jerk, that seems a little unlikely given the probability of that.

  • only if you are god.


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