Wants to hang but never make plans?

I met this guy at the begining of spetember and usually saw him once per week he was my boss he is a year younger than me since work endend moday last week i haven't seen him since that day but he said i have your facebook even if we dont see each other here we can see each other outside then he say i have your fb we are gonna see each other very often he also said we will call last week to tear all the stuff down but he didn't and he haven't contacted me on fb neither but we liked the stuff we post. Is he interested in hanging or he just say it without really want to? Should i take the initiave and ask him out? im going out with some friends for Halloween should i as him to joing us? why he didnde contatc me to hang?


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  • He might be shy. You could try inviting him to hang out with your group.


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  • make plans then dud

    • yes but imm a bit shy,

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    • well il try to ask him if he is doing something this weekend after all he was the one who show interest at first and if he doesn't want to see me what the hell.

    • Don't put any more energy in him.

  • Maybe he is freaking out/he doesn't have the guts to ask you out?
    You should probably be the one who takes the initiative. Ask him to join you.

    • maybe you are right he likes some of my stuff like the pictures i posted recently and i think he is trying to keep in touch like that.

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