What is with this guy he acts like he likes me sometimes then rejects me?

I liked this guy for about 2 months now since meeting him , I was attracted to him the first time I met him but didn't want to date him. Then all of a sudden out of no where he started talking to me asking about me. I started texting him and started chatting with him , then after that we met up at a place because because we both have to do volunteer work together then he started asking me about my family told me that my dad and him would get along and once when we went out to lunch he said he doesn't like girls he dates to wear make up and when he saw that I had a sad look on my face , he said '' I don't mind a little bit of make up some make up is fine just not too much '' . He hungs out with my housemates , he's even ask me which housemate I'm the closest to and aligned himself with them well from I think so. When I ignore him or don't seem as interested in him he'll start to bring himself more into my life , I even heard when he called my roommate to confirm that I was coming to a hang out with them. This week he asked me if I was free and I said I was free he asked me if I would like to go to a resturant with him which i took for a date , I ended up confessing my feelings to him by asking if we were still going to the resturant which seemed to slip his mind , that's when I told him how I felt about him and he said he prefers only being friends with me and that I don't know him enough and he doesn't want a relationship and how he's too busy and how he just got out of a relationship and can't do one right now. Then said we can be friends and I told him I can't be his friend because I like him too much and that's when he stared saying well some of my friendships turn into relationships and how he's sorry for leading me on. He told me to think about it because he really wants to be my friend and doesn't want to loose me. But to be honest i call bullshit &am


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  • He seems a little confused. It seens to be that he likes you but don't want to rush things so he just rather be friends for awhile

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