I think I'm addicted to the idea of love and I think about girls all day how can I stop this?

I was always like i dont want a relationship or i dont feel like dealing with girls but i think the truth is i more into love than most people I've never been in a relationship and being alone so long is making me see that guys need femine energy and girls need masculie energy im happy but i think it would be nice to have that but i just can't i dont have time and i can never find a girl i like that likes me too and im kind of scared of the whole thing there's this one girl that i hangout with and im pretty sure she likes me but i dont know i just dont know if it will work but im just enjoying the moment but how can i stop thinking about love i think about sex too but i think i really want love more no homo how can i get my mind off this?


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  • You should get involved with other things. Of course being in love is something a lot of people consider important and I understand that you deem it important as well.
    But you need to focus on other things too. Focus on school, friendships and improving yourself and love will eventually come, but even if it doesn't, it's still okay.


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