Don't know what to do. Send help this is fucked up?

So basiclly this is a messed up story. I have been crushing on this girl, aka girl 1, since the eighth grade, and she was always on my mind. Two years later i didn't have a class with her, did not think of her often, than a different girl, aka girl 2, came into the picture, and i thought i liked her instead. For that whole year i had hesistant feelings about girl 2 and something didn't feel right. Fast forward to now, i have made friends with this new person, a girl lets call A, and i find out she is pretty much best friends with girl 1. Note, i never told anyone that i liked any of those people. So, for the past 8 months my feelings for girl 1 have risen pretty high, but there is a problem. When and few friends, including A, and i were in a Skype call, doing this all nighter thing we do often, subject of love came up and we were all saying who we "liked". A didn't say who her crush is, and i was a bit spectacle about this. When it was my turn, i said i liked girl 2 because i didn't want any akwardness. Everyone seemed okay about my decision, and it got to my other friend, aka D. He said he liked girl 1, and i was really worried. After about a month not much has changed except my other friend, aka B, He told people that he had a crush on girl 1, this worried me even more because he has dated. So ever since D had told me his crush i have been helping him talk to girl 1, and it really hurts me when he tells me things about her. D would oftten if i liked girl 1 and it kills me to say i don't but i feel if i have to, to be a good friend.
A: Malaysian, new friend, a lot of people life her, gotten pretty close, she liked one of my best friends and was able to tell me she had a crush on him, i helped her confess to him and they are now going out, but not yet publicated
B: filipino, friends since grade 8, dates a lot, very open,
D : Korean, friends since grade 8, shy, talkative when you get to know him, said he had recently
facts missing, ask


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  • Yep. That's pretty confusing. But really all this comes down to is to tell your friend or not to tell your friend you like this girl, right?

    So, you can avoid telling your friend anything and just stop helping him talk to her and leave him to his own devices. And also move on from this girl.

    Orrrr, you can tell your friends the truth and get it out in the open and off your chest.

    Personally, I would be open and honest, if they're the kinds of friends you want to keep in your life they will be understanding of your feelings. Don't let girls get in the way of friendships, and do what you think will lift that weight off of your shoulders!


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