Confused Should I text Girl first.. A Girl always text me Good morning?

I have confused about a girl. She text me good morning evey day, she send romantic songs and expression and ask me about dinner and lunch but sometime she is not text me even she reply without emotion and direct when I stop texting her, she reply back "slept". many time she only reply me when I text her first. Should I text her first or wait for her message. By average we text till 2:30 am but last night we text till 4 am. She offen told me " you arre very sweet and caring person" we are best friends". that means she is just passing time or not interested because the word "Friend" I didn't understand however she is single.


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  • Naah... She likes you, it's not normal for friends to be texting at 4am ;-) aaand please learn English

    • hey accidentally dislike the comment, thanks for reply :) English is my second language

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